We allocate part of our earnings as Corporate Social Responsibility for Football Education!

EIDER’s planning to associate with the IFG Football

Netherlands to bring in Dutch Football Education for the Indian children. IFG Football Netherlands is based at Utrecht and it’s involvement with KNVB (Dutch National Football Association) it has all the football knowledge to be transferred from Netherlands to India.

IFG football in The Netherlands is established with the aim to provide the world with IFG football in The Netherlands is established with the aim to provide the world with high quality football of Dutch players and coaches for international and national football clubs.

Due to its association with KNVB
(Royal Dutch Football Association) and the international FIFA

Have the ability to match Dutch players, clubs and coaches to the right international and national clubs or sponsors. Moreover, with its expertise and knowledge we are able any foreign brand of your company to make use of the fame of Dutch football clubs for entering and maintaining a solid position in the European market.


With our tailor made matches we can provide durability, esteem and success to any football club or company brand in need for talent, expertise and fame of The Netherlands.

Following the rules of the football game
  • Our vision is mainly focused on endurance
  • Benefits for on a long term with always striving to achieve a higher level.

With reaching ultimate success, IFG acknowledge the fact that football itself merely a tool to reaching solidarity, prosperity and joy for humanity in a long term collaboration. No hit&run strategy.

A good feeling has to be mutual in our vision whereby all involved will make profit of it and lift each other to an higher level. Unfortunately not everybody in football shares this vision.