The Eider

EIDER is a brand conceptualised by highly experienced professionals operating from India, New Zealand and Hong Kong. The object is to construct communication equipment and systems based on very high end technology standards. The equipment to be developed at state of the art research centres manufactured at one of the best platforms, quality checks to be done in the latest laboratories. We invite the customers of the world to see us as a top and reliable partners.

At EIDER, Quality is not an act; it is a habit. You just have to wait
to acquire our smart product.

EIDER E-Club Series is a net result of high intentions, sincere efforts, intelligent direction and skillful execution of our capabilities.


EIDER Philosophy

Customers are the most important assets any Brand could have, even though they are not depicted on the balance sheet.




For EIDER E – Club Fellows, there are no bridges, one builds them as one walks through.




EIDER Management


Satish Sharma

With a Bachelor's Degree in Electronics Engineering and post graduate qualifications in Management, Satish is a veteran professional advising businesses on Management, Product Design & Development, Sales, Marketing, International Business Development and Technology Strategy & Governance.

Satish has been involved with many businesses in Technology Product Development, Healthcare Technology, Enterprise Software,Strategic Consulting and International Market Development. Having facilitated international market entry and strategy development throughout Asia and Oceania since the early 1980s, he has vast industry experience through his many years of manufacturing, consulting and management in these regions. Numerous OEM / ODM projects for several markets have been successfully implemented and delivered under his guidance. Having had an active engagement with China as a market since 1982, Satish also serves on the board of a company in China / Hong Kong with primary focus on Product Design & Development, Manufacturing and Business Consulting Services.

Having migrated to New Zealand in 1997, he has also been actively involved with several business and charitable / not-for-profit organisations in New Zealand as an office bearer and is currently on the board of several companies in New Zealand and overseas.

Satish combines extensive experience and leadership skills with excellent and proven management ability across a wide cross section of industries, functions and complex markets.

A strategist with highly developed business acumen gained through 30 years of business experience in the Far East, the Middle East, Central Asia, China PRC, North & East Africa, Europe, South America and Oceania.


Harish Mehta

Mr. Harish Mehta coming from commercial background completed his master studies from Delhi University. He spend his initial years of professional life in working with top corporate of India like DCM, Anglo French Ltd, Ashoka Overseas, JBM Group etc. His effort to enter into the business world was in 1996 by way of collaborating with MMIC Group in Germany, Mr. Mehta is presently running few companies named Tenaci Engineering Pvt. Ltd, an Indo Dutch JV, BNM Engineering Pvt. Ltd, an R&D organization planning to develop its products and systems in the field of waste management, BNM also has a division which has launched Communication Systems and Products by the name of EIDER in India.

Mr. Mehta is an extreme philanthropic person and has positioned himself in many organizations connected to sports development. He is holding the post of Commonwealth Youth Sports Development Council and also a board member of Australia India Sports Alliance, he is representing an English Premeire League Club, the West Bromwich Albion FC in India. Mr. Mehta is the Executive Member of the Sports Council of Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FICCI).


Pranav Mehta

Pranav is B.Tech in Computer Sciences and has around 8 years of experience in the field of Project Management, Pranav has also gained experienced in Grid Computing at one the worlds best platform, Cadence Technologies. He has also done his Masters Diploma in Soil Stabilisation from The Netherlands.

Pranav at a very young age of 29 years has worked hard to have experience in the field of IT Sector, Soil Stabilisation and is presently heading a business development consortium of Dutch companies operating in Waste Management Sector. Pranav would come to the operations of EIDER with full spirit and pour in all his experience to make the project a big success.



Ada brings with her a vast experience of over 10 years in International Trade in Mobile Technology. Her previous role with SKYWORTH (Chinese Top 10 Company) as Sales Manager has enriched her international experience by way of interacting and dealing with a global client base and achieving an annual sales volume of US$15 million in 2012-2013 in mobile phonesbusiness.

As a business entrepreneur, owner and founder of several successful businesses, Ada has a proven track record in product sourcing, development and quality control.

Based in Shenzhen PRC, Ada is a resident Commercial Director associated with Hi-Tech Industry Corporation Limited.


Jackson LI

Jackson has been a promoter and owner of several successful businesses in the field of electronics and has a long list of products developed under his guidance and advice. Some of the products are now a mainstay of his portfolio selling to the international markets. His product interests range from Mobile Telephony, Data Management, Telecommunications, Point-of-sale systems, Warehouse & Inventory Management to name a few.

As a business entrepreneur, owner and founder of several successful businesses, Jackson has a proven track record in product development, manufacturing and quality control.

Based in Shenzhen PRC, Jackson is a resident Technical Director associated with Hi-Tech Industry Corporation Limited.